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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton Weather Advisory

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Weather Advisory 

A Hazardous Weather Outlook exists for a winter storm throughout Southern California and our surrounding counties forecasting extremely gusty  winds, high surf, high rip current risk and moderate to heavy rain (Thunderstorms) on  Dec. 12.  Additionally, the timing of this storm appears to be during the morning commute which could add to traffic congestion.

Periods of heavy rain will increase the Flash Flood Potential. Local flooding in the usual low lying areas across the base should be anticipated during periods of increased or heavy rains. Burned areas and steep terrain are susceptible to mudslides, debris flows and erosion issues which could impact infrastructure, roadways and training areas. Visibility will ultimately be reduced increasing the risk to driver safety.

All personnel aboard the base should exercise extreme caution during severe weather conditions. Personnel in training areas should be notified to seek higher ground in the event of heavy or prolonged rainfall. Drainage areas, creeks, and river areas should be avoided. Avoid driving through standing water.

All personnel aboard the base should remain diligent in safety procedures and situational awareness. Extreme caution should also be taken in areas with limited to no lighting such as Basilone Rd. between Camp  Horno and Camp Pulgas. All personnel should be advised to adhere to traffic warning signs or notifications and to use extreme caution while driving. 

Anticipate there MAY be temporary road closures in areas prone to local flooding and/or potential impact from burned areas during periods of increased or heavy rains.  These areas include:


- Stuart Mesa Road between Edson Range and Camp Las Flores

- Intersection of Stuart Mesa Road and Vandegrift Road

- Las Pulgas Road

- Access to Cristianitos Gate

- Access to Camp Talega

- Various roads around Camp Horno

- Vandegrift road along Isadora Flats south of the Air Station

- Vandegrift road near the Ranch House

- Vandegrift road near the Base Stables

- Deluz Road


Updates to this forecast will be provided as they become available. 

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