PMO encourages safe driving over the holidays[MIGRATE]

By Public Affairs | December 21, 2012

Don't Drink and Drive

Don't Drink and Drive (Photo by Courtesy)

The holiday season is a time where families gather together and share in the holiday spirit.

Alcohol consumption is a common factor during holiday parties and celebrations.

During winter months, the roads can be dangerous because of inclement weather. Drivers under the influence of alcohol increase the level of danger on the roads.

Last year, there were approximately 600 speeding citations, 100 traffic accidents and 40 DUIs here during the holiday season.

“The Provost Marshal's Office will have increased patrols and attention on DUIs in an effort to stop intoxicated drivers who endanger themselves and others,” said Staff Sgt. Randy R. Fegert, a prime prevention chief with PMO.  “DUI can cost you your driving privileges, your career or your life.”

Base Order 5000.2L and Marine Corps Order 5110.1D state severe penalties for driving under the influence as does the Uniform Code of Military Justice and California law.

The Provost Marshal's Office has planned community policing and support operations to effectively deter drinking and driving.

Assistance is available from the Community Policing section of the Provost Marshal's Office at 760-763-2804.