Resident Energy Conservation Program commences phase I[MIGRATE]

By Public Affairs | January 02, 2013

Resident Energy Conservation Program

Resident Energy Conservation Program (Photo by RECP)

The Resident Energy Conservation Program initiated phase I of the two phase program here January 2013.

Members of the Family Housing Department went door-to-door delivering letters to residents informing them about the RECP and what they should expect.

The notifications stated that during the three-month-long initial phase, the specified housing areas will receive a mock bill monthly to show how much electricity was used during the billing cycle.

“This mock bill is a bill that is supposed to give the residents an idea of their electricity usage for that month,” said Jacqueline R. Harts, operations director for the Family Housing Department. “If a resident believes their bill to be too high or inaccurate, they can contact their property manager for review.”

The housing areas to be receiving mock bills are Deluz, Del Mar, San Luis Ray, San Mateo Point, San Onofre I/II/III, South Mesa I, Stuart Mesa II and Wire Mountain I/II.

For more information, contact the Family Housing Office at (760) 725-5995 or visit the RECP website at