1/5 grunts spill out of helicopters toward MEU deployment[MIGRATE]

By Cpl. Matthew Shaw | November 16, 2000

Sweat-streaked faces showed determination as Marines charged up a steep hill during a training assault on an enemy camp Oct. 24.The helicopter assault was one of several exercises 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division conducted recently in preparation for their deployment to the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit early next year.After planning and rehearsing the assault, C Company, 1/5, loaded onto CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters at San Mateo and lifted off. About five minutes later, the helicopters touched down in the Landing Zone half a mile from the objective point. The rear hatch of the helicopter opened, and Marines filed out and took their positions.?We had the usual confusion of an LZ ? trying to get oriented. You never know how the helicopters are going to land,? said Sgt. Kent Bjerke, squad leader, C 1/5. ?From there it was a cake walk.?The company was divided into two security platoons, one support platoon and one assault platoon.The security platoons were first out of the helicopters. They immediately formed a security perimeter around the LZ.Then the assault and support platoons ran toward their objectives, their M16-A2 service rifles and Squad Automatic Weapons loaded with blank rounds.The Marines were responsible for evacuating casualties and capturing aggressors.?This is great training for what we can expect to see while on the MEU,? said LCpl. Dustin Kissner, C 1/5. ?Everything went really smooth today. We?re ready for the MEU.?