"Docs" school revamps basic course[MIGRATE]

By Cpl. Kyle J. Walker | June 01, 2000

Field Medical Service School has recently made two major changes to itscurriculum. In early December, added urban warfare and a sick call class were addedmaking the course two weeks longer."The changes will give students a better base to start with," said PettyOfficer First Class Robin E. Foster, FMSS instructor. "The first portion ofthe class emphasizes more on things like the cold, flu and sprains. This ismore of what they are going to see in hospitals" There is an emphasis on urban rather than jungle warfare, but the schoolstill teaches conventional warfare, said Foster. "The changes were made,because today's battlefield is more likely going to be urban." The instructors are giving the class time to develop, but intend to changethe order of the classes to make it easier for students to retain and learninformation, said Foster. "With new changes, time has become a factor," said Foster. "The timesand areas are not set in stone, making it harder to complete exercises. Theclass is constantly moving from area to area." "The class is great, but should focus more on the medical side," saidSeaman Apprentice Chad Lutz, 22, FMSS student. "Physical training isgood, but it causes a lot of stress on students. This might cause more dropouts."Class #200030 graduated April 21. It was the second class to go throughthe new changes. "I was very impressed by the course," said Petty Officer Second ClassJeff P. Lalond, 32, FMSS student. "The instructors are great. You aregoing to learn something regardless of if you want to be here or not."