New policy letter prohibits motorcycle lane-splitting throughout MCI-West[MIGRATE]

By Cpl. Damien Gutierrez | June 07, 2012

Effective immediately, all motorcyclists driving aboard Marine Corps Installations - West bases or stations will be prohibited from lane-splitting according to Commanding General’s Policy Letter 1-12 published, June 7.

Motorcycles and motorized scooters traveling in the unused space between two lanes of moving or stationary vehicles is commonly referred to as lane-splitting, lane-sharing, white-lining, or filtering.

According to the new policy letter released by Brig. Gen. Vincent A. Coglianese, commanding general, MCIWest-Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, this common practice is now prohibited.

Passing on the right, riding on the shoulder, riding in a designated emergency lane, or crossing over the fog line is also prohibited aboard the installations.

“The reason for the policy change is to prevent an incident on base before it happens,” said Tom Caughlan, director of traffic safety, MCIWest-MCB. “The majority of riders on base are fairly new and inexperienced. It’s the commander’s intent to help keep warrior preservation a top priority by reducing the risks motorcyclist don’t have to make.”

Subordinate commanders and civilian supervisors are charged with ensuring that all personnel are briefed on the prohibitions and requirements of this policy.

Motorcyclists will initially receive a warning for violating the policy. However, the grace period for these warnings will discontinue June 20 and violators may then receive a traffic citation for the infraction.

“We want people to get used to the new policy and give them a fair chance to alter their driving habits,” said Caughlan. “Hopefully by implementing this new policy, riders will be more cautious of other drivers on the road.

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