Manpower Management Officer Assignments roadshow to visit Pendleton[MIGRATE]

By Public Affairs Office | October 23, 2013

News Brief

News Brief (Photo by Ramon E. De La O Sr.)

The Manpower Management Officer Assignments roadshow will be visiting Camp Pendleton to provide information on reserve opportunities to officers declining or not offered career designation and to those resigning their commission. 

“As the Marine Corps draws down in end strength, it will be critical to maintain a ready and operational Marine Corps Reserve and we need good Officers to ‘stay Marine’, after leaving active duty,” said Maj. Andrew Dausman, reserve active status appointments officer with the Reserve Continuation and Transition Branch, Reserve Affairs Division, Headquarters Marines Corps.

Dausman will be available for interviews at the School of Infantry Bldg. 520420, Oct. 29-30, and Bldg. 16047T on main side, Oct. 31.

Contact Dausman for appointments at 703-784-0510 or visit