Inaccurate recall information, its effect[MIGRATE]

By Allan T. Cordera | November 18, 2013

News Brief

News Brief (Photo by Ramon E. De La O Sr.)

It is vital for the service members and spouses to understand the importance of keeping the service member's recall information up-to-date in Marine Online or Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System.

Every Marine is required to have a MOL account, and every Sailor is required to have an NSIP account.  Both Marines and Sailors have the ability to log into these systems and update their recall information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is the Marines or Sailors responsibility to ensure their recall contact information is updated at all time.

On Oct.5 Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton experienced a large wild brush fire causing over 240 families to evacuate. Notifying residents with the procedures for reimbursement of evacuation expenses proved to be difficult. Although every effort was made to track down and ensure every service member and their family received reimbursement for incurred expenses, 32% of the families were not reimbursed due to the inability to contact these members because of inaccurate recall information contained in the GAL, MOL and NSIPS.

Both MOL and NSIPS have a "Personal Contact" which allows members to update their home/work/cell telephone numbers, home address, as well as their personal Email accounts.  There are even fields for secondary contact information for the spouse or adult dependent. Members must understand that updating the Record of Emergency Data (RED) with the IPAC does not update the "Personal Contact" page in MOL or NSIPS.

Be prepared for the next emergency and ensure that your "Personal Contact" recall information is up to date in MOL or NSIPS.