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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions:

Why has the base entered into public private ventures?
The shrinking housing budget coupled with aging housing units and maintenance backlog make it difficult for the Navy/Marine Corps to provide quality housing to service members. The public private partnership will make it possible for the Navy/Marine Corps to renovate and construct family housing quickly and economically.

Who is going to oversee the partner?
Oversight of the partner will occur on several levels including Headquarters Marine Corps, Naval Facilities, Southwest Division, and daily interaction with MCB Camp Pendleton staff.
Policy Changes and Questions:

What will the rules and community policies be?
Generally, they will be the same as the existing Navy/Marine Corps policies. Rules and community policies will be printed in the community handbook received upon checking into a particular housing area.

What recourse will military families occupying PPV have if the property manager does not respond to service needs?
Personnel at the Central Family Housing Office will continue to be available to occupants of PPV housing. Annual resident surveys will be conducted with results submitted to the Base. In addition, each PPV housing site will have resident representatives to speak for all residents at Resident Advisory Boards. Resident issues brought to the board will be brought to the base military leadership for appropriate action.

Who will enforce the rules under PPV?
Both PPV Partners and Government Staff will enforce all rules and regulations.
Lease Agreements:

Why do I have to sign a lease?
The PPV is private housing and a lease is required as is the case when renting in the private sector. Every resident will sign a 6-month lease. Should a member choose not to sign a lease, they gives up their right to occupy base housing.

My spouse is currently deployed and we live in PPV housing. how do I get a limited or specific power of attorney?
The spouse must work this issue through their Marine's unit's rear party. The rear party should be able to help coordinate the correspondence and production of a limited power of attorney.

Is it necessary to renew a lease after the initial 6-month lease?
If written notice to vacate is not given at the end of the original 6-month lease, it becomes automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis.

Who will resolve pay issues?
Family Housing, along with the service member's command, will assume responsibility to resolve pay account problems. Immediately notify the management team if you have a pay problem related to your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

Will I be paying more for the same size house at a different pay grade/rate?

If both spouses are service members, do they both forfeit their BAH for PPV housing ?
No, PPV takes the higher of the two service member's BAH.

What will my responsibility in paying the rent?
Presently, when moving into family housing, BAH is checked. All increases to BAH are automatic for Marines. Service members of the other branches of the armed forces must inform the housing office of an increase. Under PPV, the service member is responsible to inform the management office of his/her BAH increase either due to regular pay raise or promotion. Failure on the service member's part to advise the management office of the BAH increase will place him/her in noncompliance of the lease and could result in eviction. The lease is written to automatically adjust for increases in BAH without issuance of a new lease.

Will there be increases in rent?
Rent will be tied to the BAH. As the BAH rate adjusts, the rent will also adjust. Adjustments in BAH rates usually occur once a year in January.

If we get immediate orders, can we move out without 30 days notice?
Yes. The standard military clause permits early exit without penalty.

How is the waiting list process going to work?
You will be put on an appropriate waiting list based on the date of detachment from your previous command. The Central Family Housing Office will maintain the waiting list based upon your eligibility requirements.

What happens if my family increases?
You may request an Inter-Community-Transfer (ICT) via your community housing management office. You will be put on a waiting list (without priority) for a larger unit.

What will be the rank structure of PPV housing?
Areas will be designated for Junior Enlisted, NCOs, Staff NCOs and Officers.

Are there special construction requirement for family members with physical disabilities?
The PPV partner complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Ten percent of the new/replacement units will be Handicap Accessible.

Will the tot lots and playgrounds be certified suitable for childcare?

Are there storage areas?
Yes. New units are designed with generous storage space in the garages and closets.

Is the community center free?

Can we still have day care in the home?
Yes. Standard base provisions for in-home day care apply.
Rehab and Maintenance:

Who would be called for housing maintenance under PPV?
The property manager of PPV housing will be responding to service calls.

If maintenance isn't satisfactory, whom do we address the issue with?
Please notify both the PPV Area Housing Office and the Central Family Housing Office. The Central Family Housing Office will mediate if required.
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