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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Diminishing fuel supply prompts MCCS fuel price increase

By Public Affairs Office | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | October 04, 2012

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News Brief

News Brief (Photo by Public Affairs Office, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton)

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In the last seven business days, wholesale fuel prices have seen a 72 cent cost increase to Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) in unleaded fuel due to technical and mechanical problems at California refineries. Only a portion of which has been passed on to MCCS patrons.

Due to the volume of fuel pumped daily, MCCS Camp Pendleton must purchase fuel everyday regardless of the cost, which affects price changes quicker than off-base fuel stations that is still selling fuel that they may have purchased two weeks ago. In the coming days you will likely see price increases outside the base as the fuel supply diminishes.

MCCS is currently working with its contractor, AAFES, as well as Headquarters Marine Corps to monitor the situation and ensure fuel supplies are uninterrupted.

It is always MCCS's goal to provide the best pricing possible; unfortunately, at times, patrons may find more desirable pricing elsewhere and are encouraged you to make buying decisions that are best for you and your family.   


MCCS remains committed to working with its suppliers to ensure the best possible pricing, and prices will adjust once the refineries stabilize and fuel costs begin to fall. MCCS understand its partron's worries and shares in their concern.


  • Non-Hater 2 years 14 days ago
    Why all the hate? Hit the WiFi and learn what is happening in California.
  • None hater 2 years 14 days ago
    Why all the hate? Hit the WiFi, and learn what is happening in California.
  • L.W. Newberry 2 years 15 days ago
    Thanks for deleting my comments MCCS. You dont like any negative feed back so you delete it. Shame on you MCCS for gouging Marines for as much as 45 cents per gallon difference from surrounding communities gas stations. I hope you take a bath in your greed and loose out because of this.
  • L. W. Newberry 2 years 15 days ago
    Shame on MCCS for ripping off the Marines. MCCS prices are as much as 45 cents per gallon higher than gas stations in the surrounding communities. Shame on you MCCS

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