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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Marines vote for new utilities

By PFC Danielle M. Jenkins | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | October 12, 2000

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON -- Elastic boot-bands, foam knee inserts, detachable sleeves and sewn rank insignias are just a few of the changes being considered by the Marine Corps Uniform Board.
The MCUB is looking at options to improve the utility uniform.

"Our mission is to increase durability, improve combat utility and make the uniform Marine Corps-unique," said Major Gabriel R. Patricio, officer in charge, MCUB.
Marines around the world are being asked to take part in creating the new uniforms by participating in the Internet survey.

The survey is broken into three parts; general components, blouse components and trouser components.

General components encompasses whether rank insignias should be sewn or pinned, different covers and camouflage patterns.

If the ranks were sewn, black would replace silver and brown would replace gold for officers.

The general component section also includes the option of wearing a patrolling "boonie" cover in the field and the current utility cover for garrison.
Marines would be required to maintain both covers.

Tiger stripe and Marine pattern are the choices for the new look. Marine pattern is the current pattern.

The blouse section introduces new nametags, and eagle, globe and anchor placement.  Pockets on the blouse are also a topic. If the pockets stay, the option of Velcro, snaps, buttons or zippers is being discussed.  Slanted pockets and an added pocket on the upper-sleeve are new options as well. Last on the blouse survey is detachable sleeves.

Instead of folding sleeves for the summer, the sleeves would pull off.
The trouser survey looks at elastic waistbands versus new, improved locking adjustments, angled cargo pockets and foam knee-inserts.

The new uniform design will go through a testing phase.

A selected unit will wear the new cammies during a training exercise.

The final outcome depends on how well it holds up, and how many votes it gets on the Internet survey.

"It will take three to four years to faze out the old uniform," said Patricio.
Marines are urged to take part in the design by participating in the survey at  Marines will need to log into the website and register for a password in order to log into the actual survey site.

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