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Camp Pendleton strives for safety in summer traffic

By Public Affairs Office | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | August 08, 2013

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News Brief

News Brief (Photo by Ramon E. De La O Sr.)

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The summer months often mean road trips to barbecues, beaches and outings with friends.

The increase in travel can also mean an increase in traffic.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your summer travels go smoothly.

• Stay safe
1. The driver and passengers should wear seat belts at all times.
2. The driver should be well rested before driving.
3. The driver should avoid medication that causes drowsiness.
4. Set a realistic goal for the amount of miles you can safely travel in one day.
5. Do not drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

• Stay focused
1. Avoid distractions, such as adjusting the radio or other controls, eating or drinking and talking on the phone.
2. Continually search the roadway to be alert to situations requiring quick action.
3. Stop about every two hours for a break. Get out of the vehicle to stretch and get refreshed.

• Avoid aggressive driving
1. Stay calm.
2. Be patient and courteous to other drivers.
3. Do not take other drivers’ actions personally.
4. Reduce stress by planning your route ahead of time, allow plenty of travel time, and avoiding crowded roadways and busy driving times.

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