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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premier Expeditionary Training Base"

Special Operations Training Complexes - Range 116 & 130 Series

Special Operations Training Complexes - Range 116 & 130 Series

Many of the Camp Pendleton's numbered ranges have been designed for a specific purpose and should be utilized for that purpose only.

Any training scenarios, weapons or ammo not authorized per CAMPENO 3500.1 CH 1 (Range and Training Regulations) will require a waiver to be submitted 30 days prior to the event.

All information on this website should be used for planning purposes only. For the most current Range Regulations & Information, contact Range Scheduling at (760) 725-4219/3510 or via email at pndl_otrangescheduling@usmc.mil

Click here for Waiver Example.

 TitleModified DateSize Description
Range 116A5/20/2015362.54 KBDownloadR116A_130410
Range 116B5/20/20151.10 MBDownloadR116B_130422
Range 116C5/20/20152.82 MBDownloadR116C_130422
Range 116d9/27/20125.19 MBDownload 
Range 130b9/27/2012210.72 KBDownload 
Range 130C5/20/20151.01 MBDownloadR130C_131210
Range 130D5/20/2015260.30 KBDownloadR130D_131210
Range 130G5/20/20151.22 MBDownloadR130G_150312
Range 130h9/27/20126.88 MBDownload 
Range 130I5/20/2015471.92 KBDownloadR130I_120917
Range 130J5/20/20156.57 MBDownloadR130J_150401
Range 130K5/20/20151.27 MBDownloadR130K_130522
Range 130M5/20/2015210.32 KBDownloadR130M_120905
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