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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premier Expeditionary Training Base"

Tier Explanation

We want to take a second to clarify the Tier recommendations we have been seeing. From experience and seeing all of the packages coming through this office, a true Tier I Marine (TOP 10%) should be as follows or very close to this description utilizing the WHOLE Marine concept.

1. Above average 1st class PFT and CFT
2. Above average Pros/Cons – 4.5 or higher
3. Expert rifle/pistol
4. MCMAP Brown belt or higher
5. Has been meritoriously promoted
6. Has been on recent meritorious promotion/Marine of the Quarter boards
7. Current swim & NBC Qualification
8. PME complete
10. Special duty assignments (SDA) complete if applicable
11. True expert in MOS
12. No negative pg. 11s, NJPs or courts martial
13. Within height & weight standards

Tier II Marines (Top 11% down to 59%) should be the Marines just outside the parameters mentioned above (for example, low first class PFT & CFT scores, sharpshooter)

Tier III (bottom 60% down to 11%) Marines will definitely fall short of above.

Tier IV (Bottom 10%) Marines will most certainly have a hard time reenlisting as we have seen none approved to date.