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Power of Attorney - Legal Services Support Section-West
A General Power of Attorney (GPOA) grants another person to manage all business affairs on your behalf in your absence, except changing life insurance beneficiaries. It is the broadest power you can grant another, and is prone to abuse if you give it to an untrustworthy person.

A Special Power of Attorney (SPOA) grants another person to manage a specific power you have assigned on your behalf in your absence. This grants less power than the GPOA.

A Power of Attorney for Care of Children allows the person you assign to give consent for emergency medical treatment, authorize all necessary medical treatment, perform any and all parental acts, enroll children in daycare and pick children up from school.

If you feel that the person to whom you have granted a power of attorney is abusing that power you can revoke or take back those powers. The easiest way to revoke those powers is to get back the original document as well as any copies and tear them up. If your are unable to do that you can fill out a
revocation form and send it to each business that you think that person could possibly do business with on your behalf. The revocation is not effective unless the business has notice of it.