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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

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Community Relations

Community Relations:
Community relations extends beyond issuing information. It involves fostering relations with the neighboring community, including Marine Corps Reserve components, in a direct community and military interface. Well-conducted community relations enhance readiness by fostering hometown support. A good-neighbor policy is established through involvement with the communities and extends support to families of deployed Marines. It also helps reinforce the idea that the Marine Corps is a meaningful and rewarding career choice for America’s youth. Close relations with neighboring communities inspire patriotism, and that patriotism translates into recruitment and retention opportunities. Every reasonable effort will be made to develop and maintain sound community relationships.

Base Tours:
Camp Pendleton's community relations section provides base tours to eligible groups when availability and operational commitments permit. A typical tour group will include up to 50 individuals in the group.   Groups are responsible for their own transportation. When we communicate with the groups for the first time, they must understand that we need a full roster of attendees 90 days in advance. Changes cannot be made within 30 days of the event. This is due to security protocols. 

Color Guards & Personnel Support Requests:
Camp Pendleton's community relations section facilitates color guard & personnel support requests if availability and operational commitments permit. All requests must be submitted in accordance with the eligibility criteria and
MCO 5720.77, Chapter 6.

Request Timelines - All Requests must be submitted in accordance with the timelines listed below.
• Base Tours:  No less than 90 days.
• Color Guard Detail:  No less than 30 days.
• Personnel (to include parades & demonstrations:  No Less than 45 days.

To request a tour, color guard or personnel support, please send the following 
DD Form 2536 form to pendleton.comrel@usmc.mil.
Phone: (760)-763-2760

Military Vehicle/Aircraft Support:
Please direct requests for military (tactical) vehicle displays or aviation support (flyovers) to the
I Marine Expeditionary Force Public Affairs Office.

Sponsored Visits:

All individual that do not have a DoD or U.S. Government ID must be sponsored. To learn more about access procedures, please go to our Base Access page.

Reserve Units Throughout the U.S.
To find a local U.S. Marine Corps Reserve unit near you, go to: http://www.marforres.marines.mil/

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