Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premiere Expeditionary Training Base"
Learning Resource Center

Seminar Program

 The CDET Regional Coordinator at 760-725-8400, is the appropriate POC for Expeditionary Warfare School & Command and Staff College.  We are currently located in Building 13131 due to a M2R2 project to refurbish our permanent location @ building 22181.  We expect to return to building 22181 in September of 2014.


Learning Resource Centers (LRC)

 LRC's are provided primarily for Marines, but are also open to other DOD military branch personnel and DOD civilians.  Contractors manage each LRC, assisting patrons and proctoring exams.  LRC's offer PTP, MOS, unit & annual required training, access to Marine-On-Line, My Pay, Internet research, and much more.  Days & hours of operation for all LRC's, except Margarita, are:  Monday-Friday, 0800-1600. 

*Margarita is open Monday - Thursday 1100-1900 and Saturday 0800-1600. 


LRC locations:

 Area    Name                             Building              Phone

13        Mainside                       13091                   760-725-8126 

14        Mainside                       14137                   760-763-4964

21*     Camp Del Mar             210725                 760-763-0118

22        Chappo                          220165                 760-763-5035

33        Camp Margarita         33343                   760-763-3065

41        Camp Las Flores         4157B                   760-763-4654

43        Camp Las Pulgas        430406                 760-763-1908

52        Camp San Onofre      520512                760-763-0120

53        Camp Horno                53622                   760-763-3258

62        Camp San Mateo       62330                   760-763-5280


*  Will close for 12-18 mos in summer 2014 for bldg renovation, and temp location will be in bldg 210715, one block north on "B" Street.