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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

"The West Coast's Premiere Expeditionary Training Base"
Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS)

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CCS Description:

The Combat Convoy Simulator is an immersive training environment for convoy operations to include basic procedures for driver, gunner, and passengers in tactical scenarios related to combat operations. The simulator provides instruction in convoy operations including; resupply, patrol, logistics support, high-value target extraction, MEDEVAC, call for close air support, call for fire, and training in convoy tactics, techniques, procedures, and use of weapons in compliance with the Rules of Engagement (ROE). The CCS also provides training for both vehicle operators and individuals in vehicle and small arms weapon utilization, command and control, and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks, response, and countermeasures. CCS provides guidance for Marines to respond to ambush attacks and evolving enemy tactics in Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) settings. There are two bays consisting of five (4) HMMWV platforms and one (2) MTVR platforms in each bay. 

Operational Impact:

The Combat Convoy Simulator is an immersive training system that meets the immediate requirement to train Marines in basic and advanced skills during convoy operations. It is used to develop & sustain individual, crew, and collective convoy skills using realistic simulation of combat conditions to include terrain, weather, visibility, vehicle operating conditions, and opposing forces. The CCS places the entire convoy unit is a realistic environment and allows for repetition, review, and critique while saving time, maintenance, ammunition, weapons, and range facilities. This training supports Block 1 and 2 Pre-deployment training requirements and sustains training TTPs and Unit SOPs.