Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Training Support Center


TSC CPEN will:

–    Assist MCB O&T by providing COTR support for ground training and training systems;  assist with training capabilities planning, programming and resource analysis; and assist with unit training and exercise support

–    Provide IMEF with integrated and coordinated TECOM Support for PTP training

In Order To:

–    Provide Marines with the best training environment possible and support the training objectives stated in the CMC Vision and Strategy 2025.

TSC Points of Contact

TSC Head (763-7996)

Steve Ferrando                  

Operations (763-8243 / 8244)

Nelson Rodriguez              

Tim Blake                         

Todd Luginbuhl                  

Jared Darensbourg             

Chuck Colleton                  

Eric Loya                          

Kevin Kylis                        

Steven Taylor                    

Nick Clark                         

RIPPLE FSR (763-8243)

Paul Stevens                     

Contracts / Sys Support (763-8244)

Dan Mobley                       

System Planning (763-6920)

Chris Getchell                    

HSTL Site Management (763-4901)

Tom Martin                        

C-IED Equip Manager (763-4901)

Ed Frain                            

IIT Site Management (760)399-6381 or (760)305-2949

Bert Thielen                       

Matt Fennell                      

Brandy Gaitens                 


–    Assist Base O&T with support to unit training events

•         Facilitate exercise planning, design and scenario support

–    Trng Objectives, METL, Task linkage to exercise concept

–    Product development to support  exercise framework (setting, events, Intel products, RP bios, etc)

•         Facilitate exercise resource integration and training execution

–    RP contract coordination (SOW, funding coordination, surveillance)

–    Training devices, atmospherics, ranges, TAs, training systems, COIN enablers

–    Exercise control  products / assistance (MSELs, RIPPLE threads, narratives)

–    AAR products

          –    Assist I MEF with unit PTP training plan development

•         Clarify deployment requirements in coordination with I MEF

•         ID TECOM approved resources to meet SVC, MEF requirements

–    Single point of coordination for TECOM support to Home Station Training

•         Recommend sequencing and integration of resources

•         Provide PTP feedback / recommendations to TECOM G3

System Support:

        –     Conduct contract surveillance for designated programs (RTAM)

•         Monitor contract performance, system sustainment and availability

        –     Integrate into Base training system management architecture IOT support contract execution

•         Track and capture system usage data 

•         Provide reports on contract work performance and funds obligated

•         Coordinate with Base, RTAM and PM TRASYS personnel

TSC Capabilities Brief 

Exercise Support Process