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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Public Affairs - Community Relations

Community Relations

All community relations request forms will be sent to Headquarters Marine Corps via email. To contact them over the phone please call: (703) 614-1034.


Camp Pendleton community relations program provides color guards, base tours, national anthem singers and guest speakers to eligible groups and events if availability and operational commitments permit.

All requests must be submitted in accordance with the eligibility criteria and MCO 5720.77, Chapter 6.

Sponsored Visits

Depending on Camp Pendleton's security posture, authorized-sponsor (active duty, retired military or base resident) visits can be conducted. Proper identification (driver's license), vehicle registration, current proof of vehicle insurance and an authorized sponsor are needed to access the base. For additional information, go to our Base Access page.

To find a local U.S. Marine Corps Reserve unit near you, go to:

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