• Per MCO 5530.13, driver licenses and identification cards marked not valid for federal purposes, federal limits may apply, or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).  Click Here for Examples.

Increased Entry Gate Traffic Delays


NOTICE: Increased Entry Gate Traffic Delays.

• Due to these security measures, motorists will experience longer wait times when entering the installation.

• All commercial vehicles must enter Camp Pendleton via the Las Pulgas Gate only.

Click here for more information


Notice: Visitor Center Operations

On days with high customer volume, the Camp Pendleton Visitor Center may stop accepting customers as early as 1400 to ensure all existing customers are provided service by closing time. 

This is necessary due to fiscal constraints which have reduced available staffing and do not authorize  overtime hours for non-emergency services.

If the Visitor Center is unable to assist you before closing, your sponsor must meet you at the gate to escort you aboard the installation. Visitors without a sponsor or an approved visitor pass will not be authorized access to the installation.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton utilizes the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS).

DBIDS enables access control procedures to ensure the protection of Active Duty personnel, residents and civilian employees.  DBIDS and access control policies are intended to help Marines accomplish their mission and keep families aboard Camp Pendleton safe, while allowing access to authorized personnel, contractor & vendors and sponsored visitors.

DoD issued ID card holders will automatically be enrolled in DBIDS after their first ID scan upon entering Camp Pendleton. DoD issued ID card holders may also sponsor visitors by using the Sponsored Visitor Request Roster below. 

All unescorted visitors are required to obtain a DBIDS credential/pass in order to gain authorized access to Camp Pendleton. Unescorted visitors must be sponsored or on official business.  Visitors will have their identity proofed & vetted, and be issued an appropriate DBIDS credential/pass at no cost. Visitors must obtain a DBIDS credential/pass at the Camp Pendleton Visitor Center (Bldg. 20255T). Contractors & vendors on official business must obtain a DBIDS credential/pass at Base Access Control (Bldg. 41501T).


Transportation Providers

• For transportation providers (Taxi, Limousine, Shuttle & App-based Rideshare Services such as Lyft & Uber.)

Click here for access & DBIDS credentialing procedures.




Select Veterans Access

• For service-connected disabled veterans, Medal of Honor & Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war and authorized primary veteran caregivers.

Click here for required documentation & access instructions.

Command Events

• For retirements, change of commands, and other official command/MCCS functions.

Click here for required forms & submission instructions.


Sponsored Visitor Roster

For CAC ID holders with a .mil email address.

• CAC ID holders with a .mil email address are required to use this roster to sponsor visitors.

• This roster allows the requester to sponsor multiple visitors in a single document.

Click here for Sponsored Visitor Roster & submission instructions.

MCCS Patrons

• For MCCS Patrons
(Event Center, Stables, Golf, Paintball & Bowling)

Click here for sponsorship information & instructions.


Sponsored Volunteers

• For Sponsoring Volunteers
Requires CAC ID and a .mil email address to sponsor volunteers.

Click here for Sponsored Volunteer Roster & submission instructions.


Sponsored Visitor Form

• For DoD ID holders
(i.e. Family members & military retirees that do not possess a CAC)

This form only allows the requester to sponsor a single visitor.

Multiple forms must be completed to sponsor more than one visitor.

Click here for Sponsored Visitor Form & submission instructions


Contractors & Vendors

• For Contractors & Vendors conducting official business.

Click here for sponsorship information & instructions.



Recreational Bicycling

• For Recreational Bicyclists riding along approved bike route. 

Click here for sponsorship information & instructions.


Visitor Center

The Camp Pendleton Visitor Center is located in Bldg. 20255T, adjacent to the Main Gate near Interstate 5. (See Map) The Center is intended to process visitors who have been pre-sponsored by base personnel.  Those visitors who have not been pre-sponsored should expect long delays or should arrange to have their sponsor meet them at the gate.

Business hours are:

• (Mon - Fri). - 7:30am - 3:30pm 


Phone: (760) 763-8435


NOTE: The "Trusted Traveler" program is still in effect.

Base Access Control

For Contractors & Vendors

Base Access Control is intended to process contractors & vendors who conduct official business aboard Camp Pendleton. The center is located in Bldg. 41501T adjacent to the Las Pulgas gate. (I-5 at Las Pulgas Exit) (See Map)

Business Hours: 
6am - 4pm Mon-Thur. (Closed Fridays)
Phone: (760) 763-7604/7605

Gate Hours

• Main Gate - 24 hrs
• San Luis Rey - 24 hrs     
• Del Mar - 6am - 8pm
• Las Pulgas – 24 hrs

(Outbound Traffic CLOSED Monday - Friday 0600 – 0800)

• San Onofre - 24 hrs
• Cristianitos - 5am - midnight


Base Access Procedures - Frequently Asked Questions
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• Department of Defense affiliates and/or their authorized family members who possess a Common Access Card (CAC), DoD Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card (USID).
• Persons with U.S. Government issued, DBIDS authenticated, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials and a valid purpose to enter.
• Persons with a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and a valid Bill of Lading.
• Sponsored visitors and other persons with a Camp Pendleton approved DBIDS pass/credential.

Note: Armed Forces Exchange Services Identification and Privileges Card (DD Form 2574) recipients must obtain a DBIDS Credential.



A visitor is a person who does not possess a government issued Common Access Card (CAC), Department of Defense Uniformed Service ID and Privileges Card, or a U.S. Government issued, DBIDS authenticated, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credential.

Note: Contactors & vendors, MCCS Category C Patrons & Recreational Bicyclists  are specifically addressed in the below sections.


The MCB CAMPEN Sponsored Visitor Program enables authorized sponsors to submit a Sponsored Visitor Request Roster/Form to the Provost Marshal's Office (PMO) and sponsor visitors for up to 60 days.  Unescorted sponsored guests are required to obtain a DBIDS pass/credential from the Visitor Center. 

• Sponsoring a visitor using a DoD CAC & .mil email
• Sponsoring a
visitor by dropping off required forms at Visitor Center.  Must provide DoD Issued ID to verify sponsorship.

Yes. Follow the Trusted Traveler procedures outlined below:

The Trusted Traveler procedure allows a uniformed service member or government employee with a valid CAC, a military retiree (with a valid DoD identification CARD), or an adult dependent (with a valid DoD identification card) to present their identification card for verification while simultaneously vouching for any vehicle occupants.

Trusted travelers are also permitted to vouch for the occupants of two additional vehicles in immediate succession.  Members identified as Trusted Travelers are responsible for the actions of all visitors for whom they vouch and must accompany their visitors at all times while aboard MCB CAMPEN.

Adult escorted visitors must be in possession of an acceptable identity source document/credential, such as a government issued photo ID(i.e. Real ID Act compliant [or state approved extension] driver’s license, state identification card, or passport), to establish their identity.

You may also call the Camp Pendleton Visitor Center at (760) 763-8435 for details.



Personnel authorized to use Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton will not be impacted by the changes. Contact the Visitor Center or the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton with additional questions.


All vehicles are subject to installation rules and regulations. Visitors must provide current liability insurance, current registration and proof of a valid Real ID Act compliant [or state approved extension] driver’s license.

Note: Per MCO 5530.13 , identification cards marked not valid for federal purposes, federal limits may apply, or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).

Large group tours are available on a first come, first serve basis. The previously available self-guided tours are no longer authorized unless you have an authorized sponsor. Contact the Office of Communication (formerly the Public Affairs Office) with questions, or to schedule a tour at: (760) 725-5799.


Command guests, teachers, volunteers, members of non-federal entities, and non-DoD Base residents will be issued a DBIDS visitor pass/credential as determined by their access requirements and sponsor. Command guests are authorized to participate in the specific Base activity for which they were sponsored.  This process is coordinated by the Visitor Center.



• Visitors may be denied access to MCB CAMPEN if they meet one of the following disqualifying factors:
(1) Any current arrest, charge or conviction within the past 10 years of homicide; rape; armed robbery; registered sex offender; adult sexual assault; child sexual assault; child pornography; felony drug possession; felony larceny/theft; human trafficking; arson; extortion; immigration violation. 
(2) Is not a U.S. citizen and is illegally present in the United States or whose U.S. citizenship, immigration status, or social security number cannot be verified.  Engaged in actions or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. Government or State Government by force.
(3) Identification in the Known Terrorist Screening database; known (documented) gang member; known supremacist or extremist.
(4) Outstanding arrest warrant or felony conviction within the past 10 years. 
(5) Military personnel discharged with a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge; persons currently debarred from any military installation.
(6) Provides fraudulent information on the application.
(7) Has exhibited characteristics, traits or other indications that cause concern for the health, safety or welfare of personnel and/or residents aboard MCB CamPen; or that cause concern for the physical security or environment of MCB CamPen.
(8) Per MCO 5530.13 identification cards marked not valid for federal purposes, federal limits may apply, or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).









The point of contact for questions related to visitors and the Sponsored Visitor Program is:
Visitor Center
Bldg 20255T
(760) 763-8435
Business Hours: 0730-1530 Mon-Fri
The point of contact for contractors/vendors is:
Base Access Control
Bldg. 41501T
(760) 763-7604/7605
Business Hours: 0600-1600 Mon-Thur. (closed Fridays)


• Visitors denied installation access by virtue of criminal history may appeal in writing to the Command Inspector, Box 555010, Marine Corps Installations West - Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5010.  There is no time limit to appeal.

Visitors denied installation access will not be provided a copy of the adverse information used in the access control decision, but can be provided with the agency name that provided the adverse information.

Visitors who are subsequently detained or investigated for offenses describe in MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO 5000.2 or whose conduct causes concern for the physical security or environment of MCB CAMPEN will have their DBIDS credential terminated, DBIDS Visitor pass confiscated and installation access denied.

Note: All individuals pending an appeal will be denied access to MCB Camp Pendleton until the appeal has been decided.

• MCAS Miramar - (858) 577-1428
• MCRD SD - (619) 524-6448
• MCAGCC 29 Palms - (760) 830-6794
• MCLB Barstow - (760) 577-6600
• MWTC Bridgeport - (760) 590-3015

Command security managers and other who act as a sponsor shall refer all requests for entrance from representatives of a foreign government, foreign military service, or foreign private interest, whether U.S. citizen or not, to the Provost Marshal.  Non-U.S. citizens who are not permanent residents of the U.S. may NOT be processed via the Sponsored Visitor Program.  They are not eligible for unescorted access and must be escorted in person by a DoD affiliate.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton