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What might keep a visitor from getting on base?


Visitors may be denied access to MCB CAMPEN if they meet one of the following disqualifying factors:

(1) Any current arrest, charge or conviction within the past 10 years of homicide; rape; armed robbery; registered sex offender; adult sexual assault; child sexual assault; child pornography; felony drug possession; felony larceny/theft; human trafficking; arson; extortion; immigration violation.

(2) Is not a U.S. citizen and is illegally present in the United States or whose U.S. citizenship, immigration status, or social security number cannot be verified.  Engaged in actions or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. Government or State Government by force.

(3) Identification in the Known Terrorist Screening database; known (documented) gang member; known supremacist or extremist.

(4) Outstanding arrest warrant or felony conviction within the past 10 years.

(5) Military personnel discharged with a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge; persons currently debarred from any military installation.

(6) Provides fraudulent information on the application.

(7) Has exhibited characteristics, traits or other indications that cause concern for the health, safety or welfare of personnel and/or residents aboard MCB CamPen; or that cause concern for the physical security or environment of MCB CamPen.

(8) Per MCO 5530.13 identification cards marked not valid for federal purposes, federal limits may apply, or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).

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