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Lincoln Memorial Housing is now giving camp Pendleton residents a discounted price toward their living expenses. There are a total of 700 newly-remodeled homes available for families to reside in, and once applicants move in, they are eligible to receive a concession of $350 for a three-bedroom home, and $400 for a two-bedroom home.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Michelle S. Mattei

Base housing concessions creates savings for families

14 Sep 2010 | Lance Cpl. Michelle S. Mattei

With the recent home renovations throughout Camp Pendleton, Lincoln Memorial Housing is authorized by Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton’s command to grant residents a discounted price toward their living expenses.

In order to qualify for the concession, all residents must go to the leasing office to sign a concession/discount acknowledgement before the end of the month. Both the service member and spouse must sign the form, or have a Power Of Attorney available to sign on their behalf.

“The concession is driven by many factors,” said Sharlynn Schuster, assistant district manager, Lincoln Memorial Housing, Camp Pendleton. “One issue is we have to compete with the prices and conditions of off-base housing.”

Now that Sera Mesa and Stuart Mesa homes are completely revamped, there are a total of 700 newly-remodeled homes available for families. Existing residents in a three-bedroom home will receive a $350 concession, and two-bedroom homes will receive a $400 concession.

Concession checks will be issued approximately three weeks after rent payment is received by Lincoln Military Housing.  The first concession checks will be issued in October.

“We’re hoping to bring in more people that live out in town,” said Schuster. “Our goal is to fill all the residences so they can take advantage of base housing.”

 Lincoln Military Housing can continue this concession as long as the market data supports this decision, and has the right to reduce the concession with a minimum of 30 days notice to the residents, unless the resident is still on the term lease.

For more information about this concession, all base occupants are welcome to attend the Town Hall meeting on Sept. 16, happening at the Stuart Mesa Community Center at 6 p.m., or call the Stuart Mesa district office at (760)-430-0694.

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