The duties of the Command Duty Officer (CDO) are designed to provide a watch officer after normal working hours and during holidays and weekends. Should any matter arise which requires action during normal working hours, it will be referred to the appropriate Assistant Chief of Staff department.

The CDO is located in building 1164 and posted Monday through Friday from 1530 to 0730. On weekends and holidays, the CDOs are posted from 0730 to 0730 the following day.

The CDO may be reached at (760) 725-5061.

The CDO is assisted by the Staff Duty Officer, Duty Chaplain and a duty EOD.

The CDO duty roster is published by the 10th of each month via the Base Adjutant website

For CAC enabled users please click the below link, and select the folder “ MCIWEST-MCB CAMPEN Bulletins”