Any official requests for Color Guards from MCIWEST-Marine Corps Base Cam Pendleton must be requested from the Communication Strategy & Operations Office to coordinate support for their event .

Citizens and community organizations may request a ceremonial color guard from MCIWEST-Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton for participation in community events. The Color Guard is a four-person formation of Color Guard Marines in appropriate military uniform. They act as a Color Guard, posting and retiring the flag and rendering to it the proper customs and courtesies.

This honored traditional detail adds dignity to any military-related activity while showing respect to our Nation and those who have served. During ceremonies, the Color Guard presents the flags of the United States and the Marine Corps, flanked by two rifle-bearers. A salute is rendered by dipping the Marine Corps flag while holding the National Ensign high.

To contact the MCIWEST-Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton Public Affairs Office, call (760) 725-5799.