Mission Statement:
To provide the installations and tenant commands information and personnel security services and foreign disclosure support to meet present and anticipate future joint expeditionary warfare requirements.

To ensure all Marines, Sailors, Civilian Marines and contractors assigned to Marine Crops Installations West-Marine Corps Base CAMPEN (with a need to know) are properly cleared and have access to CMI to complete their mission in support of the war fighters, and to train and equip them with the necessary skills to protect and safeguard classified military information.

To promote a proactive, comprehensive, vibrant region-wide information/personnel security program to include the foreign disclosure program.

Contact us:
MCIW-MCB CAMPEN Security Manager - (760) 725-6510
Assistant MCIW-MCB CAMPEN Security Manager - (760) 763-9114
CMCC Custodian  - (760) 763-829

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