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Automated Ranges:  Are ranges that require a face to face with a landlord Marine from TSD in order to check a unit in and out of an automated range.  The target systems are run by civilian contractors and require contractor hours in the range request.  There are 15 extra Portable Infantry Target (PIT) systems pre-staged at ranges 215A, 218A, and 223B for the unit to place throughout the range.  Use of the 15 extra targets requires additional coordination with TSP (760) 207-3085.  All other targets on the ranges are in permanent positions.

TSD Supported Automated Ranges:
• R215A
• R218A
• R223B
• R409
• R132

Automated Ranges Not Supported By TSD:
• R130K
• R501
• R314C (Contractor set-up Unit operated)

Portable Infantry Target (PIT) Ranges:  Are any non-automated ranges where PIT systems are used by a unit.  The target systems can be used with up to 7.62 munitions.  The systems are delivered, emplaced, and operated by TSD Marines.  TSD Marines operate the targets in accordance with the units training requirements.  The unit is responsible for the transport and emplacement of the protective shields and sand bags for the PIT systems. Call TSP at (760) 207-3085 for more information for PIT support.




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