Final documents related to cultural resources activities on base are included here. Due to the sensitive nature of some information, it is not uncommon for these final documents to be redacted in some areas. These documents can be viewed online, downloaded to your computer, or viewed in hardcopy at the Cultural Resources Section located in Building 2648 or at the complete Administrative Record at Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFACSW) in San Diego, California.

Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements for projects on MCB Camp Pendleton can be found by clicking here .

Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan
MCB Camp Pendleton has updated its Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan (ICRMP). The 2017 ICRMP Update presents the overall cultural resource management strategy for MCB Camp Pendleton, as well as standard operating procedures and various references related to the history of the base and cultural resource management legislation.

To download a copy of the ICRMP, please click here.



Cultural Resources Public Outreach and Interpretation Plan
This document is part of the larger ICRMP update and provides recommendations for outreach and interpretation regarding cultural resources.. The document’s aim is to outline an effective public outreach and interpretation program that fosters an appreciation for the past by increasing the understanding of the rich history of MCB Camp Pendleton and those who have used the land in the past, and by developing an awareness of the unique resources that are associated with it.

Available soon.

Camp Pendleton Section 106 Programmatic Agreement

The MCB Camp Pendleton Section 106 Programmatic Agreement establishes the processes by which installation personnel are to operate in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act’s intent and regulations, including the requirement to integrate cultural resources planning and management decisions in the installation’s policies and other program requirements. The Programmatic Agreement also streamlines the Section 106 process of the National Historic Preservation Act and eliminates case-by-case consultation with the State Historic Preservation Officer and Invited Signatories in certain instances.

To download a copy of the Section 106 Programmatic Agreement, please click here.

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