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Green Procurement

For ordering hazardous materials at your unit, go to the following Federal webpages to ensure materials being purchased meet current and future planning standards for sustainability. You can also work directly with our G-4 Servmart office (760) 725-4701 who comply with Federal Sustainability and Green Procurement standards.

GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool

GSA Advantage Environmental Purchasing

Department of Defense Sustainable Procurement Program

Weapons Parts Washers

For environmentally preferable parts washers for weapons, equipment or vehicle parts contact the hazardous waste section at (760) 725-4375 These parts washers are designed to use environmentally perfectible solvents in lieu of flammable halogenated solvents which reduce worker exposure to hazardous materials. There are currently three types of parts washers available.

Transportation Parts Washers that use a Safety-Kleen environmentally friendly, low VOC aqueous solution.

Ultrasonic Parts Washers that use MM-Dip, a low VOC multi-metal safe liquid cleaner with no glycol ethers, phosphates, nitrates, or amines.

Armory Parts Washers that use Q-Sol, which is a non-aqueous, low VOC, Hazardous Air Pollutant Free solvent.

Weapon Systems Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservatives (CLPs)

To acquire safer bio-preferred weapons and weapons systems CLP, go through your unit S-4 and/or 1st Supply Bn to order under the qualified products list MIL-PRF-63460F:

G96 Synthetic Bio-CLP Gun Oil®


Pesticide Alternatives

For weed control at your unit, the Camp Pendleton Servmart store carries horticultural vinegar that is derived from grain alcohol as a chemical alternative.  For additional information contact Servmart at (760) 763-7953

Wastewater Source Control

Camp Pendleton provides wastewater source control rules to protect our water resources and water treatment processes.  Contact the Water Resources Division at (760) 846-4392 for guidance on what you can and can’t put down the drains!  Remember, “Marines Train in What Goes Down the Drain.”

Storm water System Evaluations

Environmental security will evaluate your exterior stormwater drains, runoff locations, and operational activities to provide best management practice assessments, evaluations, and recommendations to ensure pollutants are not entering our waterways. Contact the Environmental Security Stormwater Section at (760) 725-9760


For information on current vanpooling programs, or to sign up with the “Commute with Enterprise” program, contact the Camp Pendleton Human Resources Office at (760) 725-3794,

or contact the Regional Enterprise representative at (760) 567-3859