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The Regional Civil Law Office - West (RCLO-W) provides legal advice and assistance to the Region's Staff Judge Advocates on standards of conduct, Government ethics, off-duty employment, gifts, claims, the Freedom of Information Act, and other federal laws. 

Ethics Advice
Staff Judge Advocates from the Western Region may contact the RCLO-W by phone at (760) 725-5154, email RCLO-W at, or visit the Civil Law SharePoint site  (Common Access Card required). Additionally, a formal Request for Legal Services may be found here

 Ethics Resources      RCLO Advisories: 
 Ethics Counselor Deskbook      NNOA Conferences
 Encyclopedia of Ethical Failures      Support to Musical Units
 Joint Ethics Regulation      Fundraising Prizes
 Joint Travel Regulation      FRO Gift Acceptance
 NFE's Operating on Camp Pendleton      Political Activities Flyer


Claims Against the Government
RCLO-W facilitates claims against the Government pursuant to the Military Claims Act, Personnel Claims Act, and Federal Torts Claims Act by educating Marines about the claims process and reviewing claims packages. 

Completed claim packages should be sent to the Navy Tort Claims Unit, Headquarters Marine Corps Personnel Claims Office, or the Navy Personnel Claims Unit.  RCLO-W does NOT make the final determination regarding the validity of claims and claims should not be sent to RCLO-W for processing.  For information on claims against the Government, and where to send your completed claims, see below.

**Note: All claims must be delivered to the appropriate processing agency within two years of accruing.**
Personnel Claims Act 
The Personnel Claims Act covers claims for damages incurred incident to active duty military service or while a civilian employees of the Department of the Navy.  Such claims include, but are not limited to, damages to personal property from storms, flooding, power outages, base housing issues, and deployment storage issues. Members of the Marine Corps can find details regarding where to submit their claims under the Personnel Claims Act, through the USMC Personnel Claims Packet.  Members of the Navy can find details regarding where to submit their claims under the Personnel Claims Act in the USN Personnel Claims Packet.

Federal Tort Claims Act/Military Claims Act
Claims for property damage and/or personal injury or wrongful death caused by the negligence of a government employee acting within the scope his or her employment may be recoverable under the Federal Tort Claims Act or the Military Claims Act. For more information on the Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Claims Act, including where to file your claim and the necessary paperwork, please reference the Tort Claims Packet.

Freedom of Information Act Review
Civil Law reviews the release of information under FOIA prior to public release but is not the ultimate review or release authority.  FOIA requests are initiated through FOIA Coordinators. The FOIA Coordinator for MCI-W can be contacted at (760)725-6253

Preliminary Hearing Officer
The RCLO-W, Officer in Charge, also serves as the Western Region Preliminary Hearing Officer.  Requests for PHOs may be entered by Senior Trial Counsels or designated personnel via the PHO SharePoint site. (Common Access Card required)

Civil Litigation Coordination
RCLO-W assists with civil litigation coordination including requests for subpoenas or DON information, documents, or witnesses. This also includes periodic site visits escorting parties related to pending litigation around Camp Pendleton.

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