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Immigration Services

We offer two briefs;
WHEN: Every Wednesday (Doors open at 0730, 7:30 AM).
WHAT: Naturalization & Citizenship.
WHO: FIRST 12 PEOPLE (NO exceptions). 
REQUIREMENTS: ID card, Current green card (Blue US passport for American Samoa citizens, I-94 for Micronesia citizens).
DURATION: 1.5 hrs. (Could be longer depending on the audience).
*Family members - Due to COVID-19 only the applicant may attend.
WHAT TO BRING: Something to write with & your green card.
Your Col’s/Navy Capt.’s POC info (per MARADMIN 385/18 & 329/20 & USCIS Req.)
WHAT: Immigration Applications/Petitions
WHEN: Every Wednesday.
BRIEF STARTS AT: 0930 9:30 AM.
WHICH: Green Cards- Spouses & Children living in the US on a Visa (B1/2, K1, J, F, H, Approved PIP or on TPS (not DACA, or Work Permit/Employment Authorization Document). The US citizen sponsor and nonresident MUST be present (NO Exceptions).
- Immediate Relation - Spouses & Children outside the US
- Fiancée - Fiancée must be living outside the US
- Removal of Condition I-751, (Must be at least 130 days from green card expiring for us to filed/assist, less than 90 days you to file directly)
- Military Parole in Place for spouses, (PIP for spouses, the US citizen sponsor AND nonresident MUST be present (No exceptions)
- Information for Immigrating Parents - You must be 21 years old
WHO: FIRST 12 PEOPLE No children, (NO Exceptions).
CLASS DURATION: 2.5 hrs. (Could be longer depending on the audience).
WHAT TO BRING: Something to write with.
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