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Mission Statement

Military Justice is the central component of the commander's ability to maintain good order and discipline, which is the core function of the command.  Therefore, the mission of TSO Camp Pendleton is to provide timely, effective, and appropriate legal support to commanders in order to promote the readiness of force and contribute to mission accomplishment. 

Our mission is to provide military justice legal support to Convening Authorities located aboard MCB Camp Pendleton.  The legal services provided by the trial teams includes military justice advice and all actions dealing with the disposition of military justice cases to include General Courts-Martial, Special Courts-Martial, Summary Courts-Martial, Boards of Inquiry, and advice on lower forum dispositions. From the Preferral of charges to the final appellate action, TSO Camp Pendleton is committed to providing superior execution of military justice.  A profession within a profession, Marine Corps Judge Advocates assigned to the TSO maintain a high level of technical and tactical proficiency as Marine Corps Officers and in the administration of justice; and remain unassailable ethically, engage in zealous advocacy and detailed case preparation, stay current in all matters related to the law and to the profession of arms, and exhibit relentless follow up and attention to detail in everything they do. 

TSO Camp Pendleton is divided into two sections; Legal Team-Echo in the 22 area, and Legal Team-Delta in the north at Camp Horno. Together, they comprise the busiest Trial Service Organization within the Department of Defense (DoD). The trial teams operate within the Western Judicial Circuit (WJC), which includes all of the west coast Marine Corps installations.

Request for Legal Services (RLS)

Request for Legal Services
Request For Legal Services (RLS) can be submitted either in person (see map), by emailing, or by fax at (760) 725-4165

If you have any questions or concerns please call our front office at (760) 725-3952

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