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The primary purpose of any brig is the custody and control of confinees. The control of confinees is affected by the impartial enforcement of reasonable rules and regulations, which are necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the facility. Custody and control measures must be adequate to maintain good order and discipline, and to protect staff personnel and confinees.

Every staff member understands that custody and security do not stand-alone, but are interdependent with all other portions of the operation. Each individual assigned to the Brig is responsible for its security, regardless of duty assignment.

The Operations Section is staffed with carefully selected and effectively supervised personnel trained in techniques of control, management, and supervision. This job requires constant alertness, a high order of discipline, initiative, personal integrity, the use of common sense, and mature judgment. All operations personnel assigned to duties at the Brig are considered highly adequate for operations of the facility.

The Operations Officer heads all of Operations. The Operations Officer is the specialist in areas of security, prisoner supervision, control, and prisoner accountability. The Operations Officer is responsible for the implementation of security, control, and contingency procedures. The Operations Section exists to oversee day-to-day security operations. In addition, the Operations Officer is responsible for the operation of this section; and will ensure the following:

         1. Proper supervision of all Operations personnel.

         2. Ensure perimeter patrols are properly performed.

         3. Ensure the Control Centers and Special Quarters are properly staffed and operated.

         4. Ensure prisoner escorting is properly performed and, in association with training.

         5. Ensure escorts are properly trained.

         6. Oversee all security operations and cooperate with training to ensure all Operations watch standers are properly trained.

         7. The Operations Officer evaluates the performance of the security force and advises the Brig Officer on security needs.

The Primary function of Operations and it's main objective is to maintain control and custody of all confinees while at the same time being firm, fair, and impartial using humane treatment set forth by regulations and procedures.

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