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The Prisoner Services section is responsible for many aspects of brig operations. The administration office, mailroom, valuables, and staff training are all departments of the Services section. Each department within the section separately assists all confined personnel in its specified role, while also working as a team to ensure order is maintained by providing the services most important to those confined.

The Administration Office is responsible for legal issues including; confinement orders, results of trial, sentence computations, Initial Review Hearings, release orders, Convening Authority Actions, suspended or remitted sentences, maintenance of prisoner record books, and support the Commanding Officer and Security Section with administrative needs. While supporting the Commanding Officer, the Admin Office completes reports required by HQ Marine Corps, PSL Corrections Branch, and maintains the CORMIS prisoner computer database. This department also completes regular day-to-day administrative requirements of the brig.

Prisoner Funds and Valuables maintains all prisoner/detainee articles that are not authorized to be maintained by the prisoner, such as jewelry, bank cards, ID cards, and driver license. (See the required/authorized items list for information regarding items not accepted by brig Valuables.) The Valuables Office maintains a non-interest bearing account where all prisoner/detainee funds are kept. From this account a prisoner/detainee can access funds to pay bills or purchase necessary health and comfort items. A general ledger is kept depicting each prisoner's/detainee's available funds. Weekly, confinees receive a PX call, which allows them to request items available through the brig exchange. The Valuables office conducts this service for confinee's in both pay and non-pay status. Non-pay status confinee's are those who have been sentenced to punishment of forfeiture of all pay and allowances.

Mail Room:
The mail room is responsible for handling all mail for confinees and staff members. Outgoing and incoming confinee mail is scanned for content and searched for contraband before being forwarded to the Base Post Office or the confinee. This is an area of high risk for the entrance of unauthorized items and is carefully scrutinized. All packages are received in the same manner and unauthorized items received are returned to sender. Packages containing food items are not normally allowed except during prescribed dates set by the Commanding Officer. During this time all food items received must be store bought and still in the manufacturers seal. No "home-made" items will be allowed. Staff personnel mail is handled the same as all other unit mailrooms in accordance with Postal Regulations.


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