Policies and Procedures to Utilize Prisoner Work Force:

Prisoners are utilized for working parties throughout Camp Pendleton by Commands with qualified Chasers. One Chaser is qualified to supervise five prisoners, the Chaser can also be the driver of the government vehicle picking up and dropping off the work force.

Commands contact the Industrial Work Annex and schedule, at least five business days in advance, a prisoner labor force to work in their area. When scheduling, be prepared to explain what type of work, where it will be conducted and the name(s) of the Chaser(s). The work to be completed may not be used to benefit an individual, only the unit as a whole. Prisoners are prepared to cut grass, move gear, paint, scrap, scour...ect. Safety and Security of the prisoner labor force must always be the requesting Units prime objective while utilizing the work force.

Diligence of the Chasers to ensure the Prisoners do not come in contact with hazardous or dangerous situations is paramount. It is the responsibility of the Chasers to feed them the noon meal at either a chow hall or provide box chows from a Chow Hall.

Prisoners can be picked up from Bldg 24100, Industrial Work Annex, Mon, Wed - Fri at 6:30 a.m. and must be returned at 3 p.m..

Request forms and all materials must be received at least two weeks prior to desired completion date. There is no charge for this service, but it is on a first come first serve basis. So again, plan ahead.

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