Commands will be notified of upcoming releases; on the date of the release commands must provide a representative to pick up their Prisoner prior to 1630.  Due to the prisoner being released from confinement, Certified Chasers and a GOV are not required.

Release dates are routinely updated due to the loss or receipt of Good Conduct Time (GCT) and Earned Time (ET). Each Prisoner earns 5 days of GCT for every month they are confined and are eligible to receive up to 8 days ET by attending treatment classes and maintaining constant employment.


Any Commanding Officer of a prisoner with special or general court-martial convening authority, an officer appointed under regulations of the Secretary concerned to conduct the review under the Manual for Courts-Martial, or, once charges have been referred, a military judge detailed to the court-martial to which the charges against the accused have been referred, may direct release from pretrial confinement.

Release Order. DD 2718 Prisoner Release Order must be prepared to affect every permanent release (PR) from the MCF. The DD 2718 must indicate the prisoner's name, RCN, branch of service, organization, specific reason for release (i.e. Pre-trial Confinement No Longer Deemed Necessary, Separation in Lieu of Trial, etc.), signature of authorizing official, and be marked “For Official Use Only.”

DD Form 2718

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