Security Emergency Services Battalion
MCB Camp Pendleton


Temporary Release (TR) of prisoners from Camp Pendleton Base Brig for trial, work, legal visits, and other purposes is permitted when approved by the Brig officer or designee. Requests for TR’s must be coordinated with the Programs section via email to or telephone 760-725-1826.  TRs should be limited to normal working hours. If it becomes necessary for a prisoner to remain on a TR past normal working hours, the prisoner's escort must call the Master Control (760-725-8144) no later than 15-minutes prior to the expiration of normal working hours and request an extension, citing the reason(s) for delay. Overnight absences may be necessary in some outlying areas and are acceptable, providing the brig officer has been notified beforehand and a completed DD 2708 noting the overnight authorization is on file at the Base Brig. When a prisoner is scheduled to be absent overnight, escorts must ensure proper gear and H&C supplies to last the duration of the absence accompany the prisoner.


The only authorized uniforms for prisoners will be their Prisoner Uniform (Orange for Post-trial/Blue for Pre-trial) or their seasonal service uniform. 


TEL: 760-725-8567