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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

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Camp Pendleton’s Mission Assurance

By | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | December 22, 2016

Camp Pendleton, Calif. --The Mission Assurance program aids in improving security and promoting training aboard Camp Pendleton through risk management and promoting collaboration and coordination within the protection community.

The major functional areas of Mission Assurance include Anti-Terrorism; Installation Emergency Maintenance; Physical Security; Critical Infrastructure Protection; Threat Information Fusion; Information Assurance; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive; Fire and Emergency Medical Services; Law Enforcement; and Emergency Management Command and Coordination.

“Mission Assurance is all of the security and protection programs under one big umbrella,” said Michail Michalovich, Director, Mission Assurance, Marine Corps Installations – West. “Having them all grouped together gives the Commanding General one stop to go for any security-type question.”

Each functional area of Mission Assurance has specific responsibilities to oversee while working toward the common goal of improved security. While possible to function individually, having representatives of each in one place allows for greater coordination overall.

“We run the program and then there are people like us on every installation who run the installation’s program,” said Michalovich.
In addition to being ready to respond to emergency situations, Mission Assurance trains for possible future scenarios, especially those that are unpredictable such as natural disasters, through regional exercises such as Semper Durus and reviews current operations for ways to improve security.

“We’ve brought to the surface certain security problems that we have within the region and on individual installations and we use that knowledge to try and correct those problems,” said Michalovich. “At the same time, we work with the installations and here on Camp Pendleton to try to refine our processes, to make security better and to make this a safe place to work.”

Camp Pendleton's mission is to operate a training base that promotes the combat readiness of the Operating Forces and the mission of other tenant commands by providing training opportunities, facilities, services and support responsive to the needs of Marines, Sailors and their families. Mission Assurance provides the security to promote this mission.

“We give them a safe platform to deploy out of and we keep their families, that are here, safe,” said Michalovich.