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Military Saves Week 2017

By | 10th Marine Regiment | January 13, 2017

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. -- Marine Administrative Message 014/07 was signed Jan. 9, 2017, publicizing Military Saves Week 2017, which is scheduled to take place Feb. 27 to March 4.

According to the MARADMIN, Military Saves Week 2017 is a total force command program that encourages Marines and their families to focus on financial readiness, debt reduction and increasing savings in small amounts to achieve long-term financial goals.

“Military Saves Week is a time to focus on financial readiness within the military community,” says Veronica Largent, Career & Personal Readiness Program Manager. “It is promoting automatic savings to help service members and their families to reach their savings goals. Whether the saving mechanism is through your banking institution, Thrift Savings Plan, investing, the intent is set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically.”

Military Saves Week is organized by Camp Pendleton’s Personal Financial Management program staff and will include events such as include guest speakers, personal financial counselors, special financial products and presentations.

Marines and their families can go to a PFM program staff member to attend financial readiness classes, review budget plans or obtain financial readiness assistance at any time.

“Military Saves Week matters because it is a great opportunity to look at one's debt, look at one's savings plan, look at one's future financial goals,” said Largent. “Ask the hard question: are you preparing for your financial future: building wealth, not debt? It is a time to encourage leaders, individual service members, military families, our youth and civilian employees to set financial goals and pledge to save towards those goals. Military Saves Week is all about becoming more successful financially.”

In addition, the staff will be providing financial education resources for Marines and their families on base. These resources are available throughout the year and can be obtained from the staff at 760-725-6638 or 760-725-6098.

Marines and their families are also encouraged to take the ‘Saver Pledge’ at http://militarysaves.org.