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Improvements to Stuart Mesa Power-grid Decrease Probability of Power Outages

By Lance Cpl. Keely Dyer | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | April 13, 2017


Since September 2015 residents in the Stuart Mesa Housing area have had one major complaint: multiple power outages often unresolved for prolonged periods of time.

To correct these issues in the neighborhood, Camp Pendleton invested nearly $3 million dollars in 2016 to replace 32 faulty transformers. The work to replace the transformers was completed in March of 2017.

Along with the transformer replacements, the aging electrical substation will also be replaced during a $500,000 follow-on project.

The base’s Facilities Maintenance Department has paired up with San Diego Gas & Electric to assist with repairs and restoration efforts when the department isn’t immediately available. This partnership has been beneficial to both the FMD and the residents of Stuart Mesa.

During the most recent outages SDG&E’s expertise was critical in locating and fixing the issues at hand. With extensive forensic testing it was discovered that one of the feeder lines between transformers on Vandeventer Street required replacement which was done during the outage.

According to SDG&E, they’re proud to be able to support Marines and their families, as well as the base, by helping with these issues.

“We now believe the power in this neighborhood will have significantly reduced vulnerability to extended outages,” said Steven Wolfe, the Facilities Director at Marine Corps Installations-West Facilities.

A project is currently being developed to replace all faulty or old infrastructure aboard the installation. The project is one of many that will be competing for centralized Headquarters Marine Corps funding in Fiscal Year 2018.

“While all power distribution systems are vulnerable to outages, we are continuing to work to reduce the probability of future outages and more importantly, to make improvements to the system to reduce the length of any outage,” said Wolfe.