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Camp Pendleton Engineers Improve Base Water Quality

By Lance Cpl. Maritza Vela | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | June 28, 2017

Engineers at the 24 Area water treatment plant noticed high levels of iron and manganese traveling through filters in February of 2016. The water quality was too poor for consumption leading to a temporary shutdown of the plant.

New filters have been implemented into the plant since then to improve water quality.

“This benefits the entire southern part of the base,” said Joel Heywood, Project Engineer for the 24 Area water treatment plant.

The reopening of this plant will provide better water quality from Mainside to the 41 Area in Las Flores.

Iron and manganese filters have been installed to lower the levels of these minerals allowing the water to meet secondary drinking water standards. These standards ensure the content of certain chemicals in the water do not exceed levels that might pose a risk to human health.

Although hard water isn’t a health risk, softening water helps prevent the build-up of minerals in toilets, sinks, and on windows.

“You’re not going to have to empty out your faucets of all the calcium carbonate that clogs them”, said Keith Regalado, Shift Water Treatment operator.

The project staff had the goal of keeping the cost as low as possible with their negotiations saving over 1 million dollars on the supplies to improve the water filtration systems.

“We’ve done the labor ourselves,” said Regalado.

The project team determined that the cost of doing everything themselves, instead of hiring contractors, would be the most beneficial course of action and, over the past year and a half, 18 project staff members and engineers have managed to get the plant running again.

Marine Corps Installations – West, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is committed to providing the best quality water for the Marines, families and all who live and work aboard the installation.