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Residents and Leaders Review Housing Resolution Process

By Lance Cpl. Keely Dyer | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | October 20, 2017

The Family Housing leaders on Camp Pendleton are hosting briefs and “open houses” for commands and residents at various locations and times from Oct. 17-30, 2017.

The goal of the briefs are to provide information and resources to housing tenants to help communicate their issues and complaints with housing leadership to resolve and improve them in a timely manner.

During the brief, leadership will review the Three Step Family Housing Resolution process, review the Resident Energy Conservation Program procedures, and end with an open discussion for residents to address any questions or concerns.

“Today’s discussion went over a wide variety of information based on base housing for current and future personnel to live, and for staff NCOs to give to their Marines, if they’re new to base housing or newly married.” Said Staff Sgt. Ryan Greenwalt, a motor transport chief for Combat Logistics Regiment 15.

The first step of the process is to identify issues, and then contact your housing office in person, by phone or online. If the issue isn’t resolved, contact your housing management. Finally, if the issue remains unresolved, residents can contact the government family housing office.

“This three-step process was implemented to make sure that all of the residents and commands know what the housing hierarchy is if something comes up.” said Bob Marshall, the director of housing for Camp Pendleton.

While participating in the briefs, leaders are able to facilitate understanding for their Marines with regard to RECP and living on the installation.

“It helps residents understand if they have challenges within housing, how they can go about working through the system to get those issues resolved, get them highlighted, and elevate them to an appropriate level to be addressed properly,” said Lieutenant Col. Josh Anderson, the installation housing officer and operations officer for Marine Corps Installations-West. “It became evident that there wasn’t a clear understanding of these resources, so our initiative is to provide that information to the Marines and tenants of the base.”

Contact your local housing office for more information on the resolution process.