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Camp Pendleton Game Warden’s Office adopts online hunting, enhancing hunter safety

By Lance Cpl. Broc Story | Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton | August 12, 2020


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton has always welcomed outdoorsmen to hunt and fish across the installation. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the game wardens aboard base have adopted a new method to ensure hunters can still participate in their passion while being as safe as possible.

"There will be no more standing in line, no more coming to the warden's office for a safety brief, no more showing up early at the warden's office to check-in physically,” said Michael Tucker, chief game warden, Game Warden's Office, Marine Corps Installations West, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton "Everyone will get more of their time back."

Through the iSportsman site, which goes live on Sept. 5, 2020, hunters can check-in and out with the wardens remotely to provide a contact-free hunting experience, allowing on-base residents to take part in the great outdoors and correctly social distance.

"This site is offered on multiple military bases as it meets the cyber security requirements for the military," said Tucker. "Most of the programming was already done on other bases, so the vendor gives us a lot of capability for a good value."

Hunting is vital to maintain the proper environmental balance of the ecosystem across Camp Pendleton. Without these outdoorsmen, the balance would be tipped, causing hardship for the wildlife that call the base home. With iSportsman, hunters can access a wide array of features while maximizing safety.

"Hunters and wardens will have more real-time information," said Tucker. "Hunters will save a lot of driving time as they currently have to come to the Game Warden Office to check-in to hunt."

iSportsman provides wardens and hunters the ability to check-in and out of various areas without the in-person contact standard that was the norm before COVID-19. The wardens can then know where hunter's locations are, which provides safer hunting opportunities while keeping the tradition alive and maintaining the ecosystem.

"It was going to happen without COVID, but it is a very COVID-friendly way to manage hunting,” said Tucker.

Using this site, the wardens can maximize the efficiency of the department. Administrative efforts are now automated due to iSportsman, which allows wardens more time to enforce necessary wildlife management regulations.

"Game Wardens spent a large chunk of their time completing clerical duties,” said Tucker. "iSportsman will allow our wardens to be in the field more to ensure our hunting program in safe and sustainable." making hunting and fishing on base more convenient than ever before.

Through using this site, hunters will eventually be able to purchase their on-base permit remotely, removing the obstacle of going to the MCX, making hunting and fishing on base more convenient than ever before.

If you are an on-base hunter or would like more information please visit:
https://pendleton.isportsman.net or contact the Game Warden's Office at 760-725-3360.