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Protecting the environment: Camp Pendleton’s environmental logistics

19 May 2021 | Lance Cpl. Drake Nickels Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is not only home to approximately 50,000 residents but also home to more than a dozen federally listed threatened and endangered species. That is why Camp Pendleton engages in year round efforts to preserve the natural state of the environment. Some of those efforts may be visible in everyday life for those who reside on the installation, while others occur in the background, creating a better place for Marines, family members, animals and plants to live. One of those is the efforts to create environmentally friendly logistics.

As a Marine or DoD civilian on the installation, if you need office supplies you would go to ServMart. ServMart is an internal office supplier for the Marine Corps and has contributed to Pendleton’s environmental conservation efforts by giving the Marines the options of eco-friendly products such as green cleaning solutions, water reducing fixtures, energy saving lighting and energy efficient electrical products. The suppliers of Servmart, Grainger and Office Depot also take pride in ensuring that the products being used are safe for the environment.

“Each item gets vetted to make sure there is a greener alternative,” said Chad Lepine, the hazardous material consolidation point manager for Camp Pendleton’s ServMart. “If there is a safer alternative we have to use it.”

Grainger’s environmentally preferable product portfolio helps Marines maintain sustainable facilities through efficient energy management, water conservation, waste reduction and air-quality improvement. In addition, the products meet California’s strong environmental compliance requirements.

“We work hand in hand with General Services Administration retail operations to provide Trade Agreement Act-compliant products to all seven GSA ServMart locations that meet or exceed state & local environmental requirements,” said Anthony Garnica, the senior government sales manager with Grainger.

Green cleaning products and office supplies aren't the only initiatives in place to keep Camp Pendleton’s logistics green. Camp Pendleton also uses renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol for its government vehicle fleet.

“Biodiesel is made from recycled oils and E85 (ethanol) is made from plant-based materials,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Pedro Peraza, the regional fuels officer for Marine Corps Installations West. “On average, renewable fuel accounts for about 50% of all the fuel we have on base.”

The goal of using renewable fuels is to decrease the environmental effects that can come from fossil fuels such as greenhouse gas emissions.

Camp Pendleton's commands and tenant units work closely with various environmental agencies, both civilian and military, to ensure all residents have a well-protected and safe environment to live and train in. Pendleton’s environmentally friendly logistics are a small but necessary piece of ensuring that mission is accomplished.

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