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SOI flexes muscle for foreign officers

By Cpl. Kyle J. Walker | | April 27, 2000

Senior officers from 12 nations met at the School of Infantry April 11 to view a static display of firepower the Marine Corps uses when storming the beach.

The 18 officers were here as part of the 42nd annual International Senior Officers Amphibious Planning course at Naval Air Station North Island.

The 11-week course covers concepts and procedures officers need to plan naval and landing-force expeditionary warfare, said Capt. Chris Steinhilber, SOI operations.

Course concepts include amphibious warfare introduction and the role and duties of the maritime prepositioning force; joint logistics; over-the-shore supply; and expeditionary warfare staff planning.

The foreign officers marveled at the Marine Corps? arsenal
"Most of the Marine Corps' weapons are quite impressive," said Lt. Cmdr. Iain Jarvie, Australian navy. "The Australian navy is starting to mount weapons on vehicles, and to see the Marines doing it already is quite impressive. This will give us ideas on how to mount the weapons."

The School of Infantry displayed the High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle with mounted M220E4 tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided missile. The display included the MK153 shoulder-launched, multipurpose assault weapon, along with various artillery pieces, machineguns and rifles.

"Being able to compare doctrine and weapons was a great experience," said Cmdr. Nick Bramwell, Australian navy. "Some of our weapons are similar, but it is always good to compare. Now we can possibly do business together and get better weapons."

"It was great to see some of the new weapon systems the Australian Navy might be getting," said Lt. Arnaud Ng, Australian navy. "I hope to be coming back again."
The visiting contingent included officers from Korea, Thailand, Egypt and Brazil.

In addition to expeditionary warfare instruction, the officers are taking informational trips to various locations, including Washington D.C. and San Francisco, Steinhilber said. The program intends to present the officers with a balanced overview of American values, culture and way of life.