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Troops push to their max for last Bench Press Challenge

By Lance Cpl. John Robbart III | | October 26, 2010

Marine Corps Community Services Camp Pendleton hosted the last competition of the 2010 Bench Press Challenge Series at the 52 Area Fitness Center, Oct. 22. 

The event was an opportunity for approximately 30 base patrons to see who could push up top weight from their chest. The points were accumulated using Wilks Coefficient Chart, which uses a formula to factor in weight and age.

“This was our third challenge this year,” said Joe Artino, fitness program supervisor, Semper Fit, MCCS Camp Pendleton. “The comfortable amount of competition really boosts morale between the participants. It’s great to see everyone have a good time.” 

Master Sgt. Michael A. Green, a maintenance control chief with Marine Helicopter Light Attack Squadron 469, 3rd Marine Air Wing, was no stranger to the event. He won all three challenges this year and topped off Friday’s competition with a 530 pound max.

“I love coming out to show the young Marines that I can still put up weight,” said Green, who was also the 2006 male Marine athlete of the year. “Challenges like this help build on the brotherhood that is the Marine Corps.” 

Green claims that this would be his last challenge after 25 years of bench pressing competitively. He has taken Cpl. David L. Douglas under his wing to train him for future competitions.

Douglas is an automotive organizational mechanic with 1st Maintenance Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group and has developed a passion for bench pressing since his participation at the base challenges. Next he will be on temporary orders to compete at a challenge in Great Britain.  

“Master Sgt. Green is a veteran,” said Douglas. “He has a lot of experience that he has passed on to me through our workouts and his mentorship. He started training me in June and I’ve been lifting 60-70 pounds more in just those four months.”

Green was awarded three different trophies for his participation in the series including the men’s masters 35-49, best overall, and series overall. 

“I’m just going to train others now,” said Green. “Cpl. Douglas is going to do great things, and we haven’t even begun to tap into his potential strength.”

For more information on upcoming athletic competitions call 760-725-5355.