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Modular attachments now authorized for rifle qual

By Lance Cpl. Trevon Peracca | | April 11, 2012

Approved individual weapons, optics, modular attachments and modifications are now authorized for use during annual rifle and pistol training and qualification.

According to the recently released Marine Administrative Message 124/12, the purpose of the new policy is to ensure Marines train with the weapon system with which they intend to use during a combat situation.

“Why should we use the traditional iron sights to qualify when we use [Rifle Combat Optics] on deployments,” said Master Sgt. Christopher J. Bellivan, the operations chief at the marksmanship-training branch. “We need to train as we fight.”

It is imperative that Marines know how to properly and effectively arrange and mount the modular attachments because improper mounting can cause the attachment to fall off or break.

Improper arrangement can lead to one device interfering with another (E.G. a flashlight mounted far forward to the bottom rail may not allow the bayonet to attach).

Proper pre-combat check/ pre-combat inspection during training will ensure this does not become a combat liability, according the MARADMIN.

“When we had 500 shooters qualifying with iron sights [last week], we had more than 45 shooters that unqualified,” said Bellivan. “Since we have began qualifying with RCO’s we have had less then 25 unqualified shooters.”

The Marksmanship Doctrine and programs management section, Weapons Training Battalion Quantico will release this message annually to update the authorized weapons, optics and modular attachments for ART/APT.