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Camp Camo keeps kids healthy

By Cpl. Michael Iams | | August 6, 2012

 Marine Corps Community Services started Camp Camo, a four-day camp for youth, at the Paige Fieldhouse on Camp Pendleton, July 30.

Camp Camo is a summer camp where children seven to 11-years-old learn about nutrition, exercise and how to stay healthy during the summer months.

“At this camp the children will learn how to make healthy snacks, lunches and do a variety of fitness activities,” said Nicole Preston, health promotion director for MCCS Semper Fit. “We want to keep them active and teach them to exercise in a fun way.”

Each day, the children are exposed to new outdoor and indoor activities to help them have fun while they stay physically fit and eat right.

“We give them a base line to help them grow and learn what they are eating and teach them new ways to exercise that will get them excited," said Roxanne Casinio, a personal trainer with MCCS Semper Fit. 

Activities the children participated in during the camp included creating tie dye t-shirts, maneuvering an obstacle course, water balloon toss, growing a plant, making a scrapbook and making their own snacks and lunches.

“My favorite activity was making tie dye shirts because I have never done it before,” said Layla Graham, 10, a student participating in Camp Camo. “I can’t wait to see what activities we do tomorrow.”

The class runs one week a year, Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

“This is a great event for the kids,” said Preston. “It helps them realize that exercise is not a chore because of all the fun they can have doing them.”

For more information about Camp Camo, contact MCCS Semper Fit at 760-725-3794.