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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

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News Brief: Update on MCCS facility closures

By Public Affairs Office | | August 27, 2012

 As the result of funding reprioritization within MCCS, some program changes need to take place for fiscal year 2013.

The current changes are as follows:

Two of the community centers, Abby Reinke and Stuart Mesa, will be repurposed into Youth and Teen Centers. All of the services and programs that were offered in these facilities will continue to be offered.

The San Onofre community center will be repurposed into a Transition Readiness Center facility; however, it will serve as a multi-purpose facility where ASYMCA and WIC will continue normal operations. Other services will be accommodated with some schedule adjustments, as not to interfere with TRS.

The Arts & Crafts Hobby Shop will close, exact date to be determined.

The 52 Area Auto Skills Center will be consolidated into the 13 Area Auto Skills Center, a more robust and better equipped facility.

For the latest updates go to: http://www.mccscp.com