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Electric vehicle charging stations on Pendleton

By Cpl. Sarah Wolff-Diaz | | October 11, 2013


A base order has been published addressing users of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles concerning electric charging on base, Oct. 3.

MCIWEST-MCB CAMPEN ORDER 11240.1 provides guidance on location, and details on the prohibition of the use of government charging stations.

According to the order, “recharging of electric [government vehicles] will be accomplished by utilizing electric charging stations installed and operated by the installation.”

Electric charging stations are available at the motor pool in the 22-Area, and Consolidated Vehicle Pool lot 11.

The use of any government facility or electric charging station is prohibited for personal vehicle charging. However, personal vehicles may be charged at those Privatized Base Housing Areas whose tenants are billed for their electrical usage as long as the user is in compliance with all rules and regulations stated in the order.

In accordance with the order, “recharging of personal vehicles in Privatized Base Housing must be conducted within the garage, driveway, or carport area. Use of extension cords outside of the garage, driveway, or carport confines is not permitted.”

The cost of recharging an electric vehicle is about the same as operating an average central air conditioner for about 6 hours, according to United States Department of Energy.

Andrew Killion, the director of military affairs for Lincoln, said “there are no restrictions on charging electric vehicles under the Resident Energy Conservation Program.”

However, residents are required to notify Lincoln Housing if when they own electric vehicles so the extra energy expense can be calculated into the monthly billing statement.

To read the base order, visit https://www.mciwest.usmc.mil/. For more information on electric vehicles, visit the U.S. Department of Energy website.

Contact Cpl. Sarah Wolff-Diaz at sarah.wolff-diaz@usmc.mil.